You should trust people when they start to tell you their weakness, or the bad side of them. From their own mouth. Because it’s true. It had been true, it will always be true. Trust them to be careful with that bad side of them.

When they tell you they’re famous of snatching their bestfriend’s spouse, they’re telling you the truth. They might have taken somebody’s spouse. Yours, if you are/ will be their bestfriend. Never befriend these people closely.

When they tell you that they never do any job given to them because someone else in their team always make it for them, they’re telling the truth. You will be the next that have to do all of their job for them. Never be in a teamwork with these kind of people.

When they tell you they can become a monster when in a war and nobody will have any idea about what they really are, trust them. They are really the monster that will crush any humanity and you will have no idea about it. Never be in a war with these people as your enemy. But, don’t befriend these kind of people either. You never want to befriend a monster in your life, don’t you?

WHen they tell you that they can’t be relied to, trust them. They will betray and leave you when the difficult times come.

When they tell you that they don’t have trust in love and relationship, trust them. They will find love and relationship, eventually, but not with you. Never have your hope high for these people.

when they tell you that you are just friend for them, they are telling you the truth.

People are so true and open about their flaws. They tell you to warn you, to give you hint, that what they talk about, will happen to you. Because to someone who is important to them, they will try to hide their flaws, in early steps of relationships, whatever relationship you will have with them. Be it only a roommate, a classmate, a workmate, a friend, a bestfriend, or even a lifetime partner. Trying to hide here means trying to reduce or even to dismiss those flaws from their life, for you.

People are so self centered no matter what they say. When they make something bad as an introduction, they have claimed those flaws as their true identity. Those flaws are in their mind as their choices, their true character, and their way of act when it comes to a difficult situations.

They have told you that they will be able to make you hurt or having loss in future possibility. They warn you not to protect you. They warn you to justify what they will do in the future, by saying: “I’ve told you so. Don’t blame me.”

They warn you to not feel as guilty and as bad as it should be.

You are the one who have to protect your own self. You might be in a naive or kindhearted mode that want to trust the good things in people. I understand. You have a good faith to human and humanity. Be close only to people who says nothing bad about theirselves, or that bad things are something you can tolerate with. You will hurt less.

Because every words that has been told will find any ways to it’s destiny.

If it is said to you, then you are the destiny.

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