Last night, my coworker asked me if I would make cookies for Eid Al Fitr this year. So I answered firmly, nah, thanks. I will buy it for the sake of my time and saving my energy.

It turned out that she’s going to make cookies by herself, wkwk. I had my apologies for her before, I didn’t want my laziness turned her down. I’ve made cookies since I was 11-12 years old, so I really know how big the effort is, well maybe it’s not for everyone but especially for me.

Remembering those memories, when my mother asked us her girls (me and my sister) to accompany her making cookies. I don’t really remember what kind of cookies we made at first, but the most kind I am sure that it was nastar. A tiny basket nastar with pineapple jam in it.

We made the pineapple jam ourselves, btw. Mom picked some pineapple, crushed it, and had it cooked with sugar and cinnamons. Oh, the smell in our home when it’s cooked. So thick, sweet, and yummy like a honey. But you know whose hand being sore after stirring them up for hours? Yep, ours, the girls, wkwk.

Not only stirring the jam for hours to make it thick, browny, and pretty, we also work for making the basket form. We mix the ingredients, make it to be a dough, make the dough as a tiny ball and put them into the mold, make a hollow to be filled with jam, and make the basket handle. Twisting the dough into small long tube form, cutting it short, and stick it with the basket. Last, give the touch of yolk so it will be shiny after being baked.

Not so hard, huh? Sure, but make it not one, not two, but dozens. And not just for one time, but many times in a month (it was a long holiday during ramadhan if I’m not mistaken). But surely, it was a good memories. Sweet to remember, not to be done anymore, wkwkwk.

So I make Eid cake not for that year only. It continues in a few years later. The last time I remember making those cookies was when I was in the first year of college. It takes me 6-7 years to get bored, finally. I remember serving the cookies I made (not only nastars, but also other cookies like coconut cookies, peanut cookies, kaastangels, etc) to my crush at that time and proudly said that I made it by myself, wkwkwk (younger me still needs validation from special person, I guess. Now? Still the same XD except the special person is now fixed).

So, for now, I give the terms to consider making those cookies. If only I got my time, my precious long holiday before Eid, which I’m sure it won’t happen this year, may be, just may be, I will re-think about making them.

This is for now. What about next year? The years after? I don’t know. May be I’ll find my passion in cooking and baking again, we’ll never know. Even may be this weekend I’m moved suddenly to make one, who knows. But, naah… I’m good.

So, lemme know if you will open order for cookies this Eid? I’ll gladly know ❤

Stay sweet ❤


P.S. pictures in this post are not mine. if you think that they are yours and don’t want me to use it, please let me know and I will remove it for you.

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