to rest our mind

Last month in a year means lots of works!

I feel exhausted that I want to go vacation just to rest my mind but my time just haven’t come. Although I went to my hometown last month but because it wasn’t a holiday I just can’t really enjoy it as a true holiday.

I long for a clear air, greeneries, vast blue sky, but on weekends all I can do is just take a long sleep. My body is exhausted and a deep long sleep is for the rescue. But sleeping is just for the body, and what my mind need is more than just a sleep.

bali 1

Bali, who doesn’t want to visit?

pinus 1
Pinus Forest in Lembang. Gosh I miss the fresh air there!
bali 2
Blue sky in Bali. I can take a long nap, I wish.

I go on a date with my husband, we had a movie after a year not going to the cinema! My parents come visiting their grand children and I ask a favor for them accompanying my son to sleep with while we were watching movie, which they agreed happily. Their loveliest boy for their own 😀 A long night and my man is only for me, not to share with that little boy who always be jealous everytime we start to cuddle 😐 It refreshes our mind and our relationship, though. But still, a visit has to over, my parents back to home leaving my boy crying for missing them 😥

The days after, life still continues with it’s daily problem. My mind is full. I want beach. I want trees, I want leaves, I want the wave and the sea.. But I don’t want to spend any extra money just to live a night in a hotel near home. So as a surprise this thought come at Saturday nite, when we go nowhere at the day.

“I want to do yoga tomorrow, would you accompany me?” I asked my husband.


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So the next morning, I just can’t take more sleep in the morning after doing Subuh prayer as I always do in the weekends. I prepare, my self, my man, and my boy. We went together to Suropati Park, I follow the instruction, I pull out my body, I stretch, my hands are shaking, my body is sweating, but I am happy! In the rest of practising, we lay down in the park, trees and leaves above us, and I feel calm and relieved.


pinus 3
Sorry for the shoes 😛
pinus 2
Still in Lembang, though. This place is the best. I’m still missing to go back there someday.

No need a staycation, no need a long vacation. I can rest my mind just 20 minutes far away from home, in the Sunday morning with a gloomy skies. It is enough, I feel content and hope it can recharge my strength for 2 weeks more!

After that, welcome holiday!

Can’t wait!

Yoga Gembira @ Taman Suropati

It’s started somewhen in middle of Ramadhan, when I woke up with some serious back pain that made me unable to move freely. Well, it’s not exactly the first time l feel that backpain though, but it started a long time before. At about 2010 I went to my office clinic with a backpain complaint. After some check up, the doctor concluded that I had scoliosis and had to take more serious steps to take care of it. Long story short, I had to take some therapy and do exercises, swimming and yoga are recommended to prevent my curve going worse.

Then I moved to Borneo. My therapy was stopped, I didn’t do any exercise, but I change my sleeping mats to mattress Palembang (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) and my back pain weren’t coming back, so I’m good.

When I go back to Jakarta, getting married and pregnant, I was still using mattress Palembang. Untill I had my baby, I decided to change my sleeping mat to springbed, for my baby’s comfortness. I had some easy backpain that I could overcome. I do swimming sometimes, so basically, I’m still doing good. Untill my bones are screaming for help.

Then I was looking for another way to cure my pain. I did change my sleeping mats again, using mattress palembang. I seldom do swimming due to my business and my son’s condition, if he’s not healthy enough to play with water then we skip swimming. So I decided to do yoga.

I googled about yoga. Looking for yoga classes that I can afford. I have to look for clas that is held on weekends because I have no time doing it on weekdays. I have my job and don’t want to spend the rest of the day without my son.

Then I found this Yoga Gembira community. It was stated that this Yoga Gembira is held every Sunday morning in Taman Suropati at 7 a.m., for free. Yeay! It’s a perfect deal for me. I can attend yoga and my son can play around park happily with his daddy. And it’s free, which woman doesn’t love free stuff? 😀

So I search for a yoga mat, read many reviews, buy one, and this morning, I attend a class. For my first time doing yoga, I enjoyed it much. The fact that it is held on an opened air and view in morning park helps much to make me relax doing it. Plus, my son, in some occasion, can reach me easily and follow me doing some poses. I’m happy that I take this new thing I never thought I would do.


I think I will regularly attend this class, so when you’re interested to join us, please come! It costs you none but your time and your efforts, but I’m sure that it’s gonna be worth to try! 😀


Ast. ❤

P.S. if you wanna know about yoga gembira, you can reach them through ig: yoga_gembira or visit