Plot Twist

A few days ago I read a story, the genre is horror, btw. So unusual for me to enjoy a horror story, isn’t it? Well, I read it just because it passed on my timeline, so just why don’t I give it a try. From the beginning it developed the tense, everything was good. Until in the end it gave the sentence that is meant to be a plot twist. Unfortunately, that last sentence turned out to be a failure. It ruined all of what it had built before.

The plot twist failed.

In my ideal standard for a plot twist, it should make the reader, in the end, questioning. For horror, at least, because in the beginning it claimed that it based on true story.  A smooth plot twist will leave us in the state of doubting, feeling insecure, feeling unsure, and questioning. Instead of making sure that what was built in the beginning is fake. The claim is also fake. Meh.

Reading that story makes me annoyed for some moment. Luckily I discuss it with my man. I tell him the story from A to Z and the conclusion is the same: the plot twist failed. My mood becomes better, not that satisfied but enough to make me move forward, though.


For some time in my life, I rarely thinking about marriage. Not that I don’t have the desire to have one, but because it feels … bizarre. For me, not for anybody. I can only imagine a marriage between the masked tuxedo and princess serenity, and the world beyond my own world. Being with somebody in the same place, same activity, same world continuously, constantly, for the rest of my life, looks like a burden for me.

Don’t I feel love?

Well, I define love from having a crush, missing someone, being jealous, and feeling the pain for losing someone. Those are love to me. All about feelings. The things you do for the one you love, not a chance it stays in my mind. I appreciate things people do for me, for the kindness, not the love behind that possibly make the ulterior motives. When it was acknowledge as love, I was scared then I run away.

So how come I marry you?

A friend, that is no one before.

A man that comes often in my chat app saying hello and gives a cheerful ambience for the second you just come.

A colleague that had been separated with ocean and time in years.

A stranger who turns into someone close, took years though, actually.

At first, I thought you are my plot twist.

You made me questioning my life, my decisions, my rule, my view on everything. You made me insecure, unsure, doubt. You had me crush on you, being jealous, being happy, feeling the butterfly in my stomach. You do things for me and you made me do things I’ve never done to anyone else before.

But knowing you, for this 10 years.

Being with you, for this 8 years.

And becoming your spouse for this 7 years.

The understanding that it wasn’t a plot twist, come slowly, convinced me in the right level. Why did we meet each other. Why did we become friend. Why did we take the chance.

From the beginning, it had to be you. It had to be me. It had to be us.

You are not my plot twist. It was meant to be.

Being together forever, shall we?

31870948_10216568821558195_7345784150915284992_n (1)

Happy Birthday.

I love you, I do.

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