an old friend

So I have this special friend that I’ve known for 19 years by now. We’ve just had lunch and at the first time meet there’s no awkward or long silence uncomfortable moment between us. Everything’s just as the same we left it by. In fact, last time we met is 4 years ago. And there’s nothing change in our friendship.

I feel amazing that I had this special friendship. I have no trust issue when she asked for a meet. I’m sure she wont’t drag me into that MLM things that somebody I recognize as a friend did to me that made me broken hearted for a while. I trust her as a truly friend of mine, and I’m happy to have her as my friend.

If everything goes well this 19 years, I’m sure 80% it’s because of her. I’m bad at maintaining relationship with people. But because of her, I have this special thing called old friend that last past more than 10 years.

Thank you for keeping me into your circle. Thank you for holding this tiny connecting thread between me and you. And thank you for being you. I hope for you good things and happiness, always.

There’s a said,

a new friend is silver, while an old friend is a gold.

You are that gold.

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