One man I knew ask me a question, “what serendipity have you ever experienced?” and I was stunned for a while. I really, really wanted to answer that question, but I can’t find any proper answer.

Why? I asked my self with lots of why and how.

Do I stop counting blessing from my life? How come? Since when?

I remember I found a lot of fun in many serendipities, especially when I was a teenager. My life as a dumb-young-hopeless romantic girl, having many crushes at school, giving me chances to just feeling extraordinary happy, only to see one crush passes by. Double the excitement when he gave me a look. Triple for having a smile. A zillion times for having a simple chat or get a walk together.

When was the last time I feel so chaotic for some simple things, but at the same time, being so pure?

Maybe my life has been so busy with regular and routine things that I somehow be blinded and can’t see magical way called serendipity happened. I feel sad for losing my ability to be as pure as I was. I feel old and growing adult is getting more bitter everytime I try to understand it.

How happy I was …

until I remember that one moment, one tiny moment but in that time, make me so grateful and feel so loved, by Allah.

What was that?

to be continued,

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