to rest our mind

Last month in a year means lots of works!

I feel exhausted that I want to go vacation just to rest my mind but my time just haven’t come. Although I went to my hometown last month but because it wasn’t a holiday I just can’t really enjoy it as a true holiday.

I long for a clear air, greeneries, vast blue sky, but on weekends all I can do is just take a long sleep. My body is exhausted and a deep long sleep is for the rescue. But sleeping is just for the body, and what my mind need is more than just a sleep.

bali 1

Bali, who doesn’t want to visit?

pinus 1
Pinus Forest in Lembang. Gosh I miss the fresh air there!
bali 2
Blue sky in Bali. I can take a long nap, I wish.

I go on a date with my husband, we had a movie after a year not going to the cinema! My parents come visiting their grand children and I ask a favor for them accompanying my son to sleep with while we were watching movie, which they agreed happily. Their loveliest boy for their own 😀 A long night and my man is only for me, not to share with that little boy who always be jealous everytime we start to cuddle 😐 It refreshes our mind and our relationship, though. But still, a visit has to over, my parents back to home leaving my boy crying for missing them 😥

The days after, life still continues with it’s daily problem. My mind is full. I want beach. I want trees, I want leaves, I want the wave and the sea.. But I don’t want to spend any extra money just to live a night in a hotel near home. So as a surprise this thought come at Saturday nite, when we go nowhere at the day.

“I want to do yoga tomorrow, would you accompany me?” I asked my husband.


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So the next morning, I just can’t take more sleep in the morning after doing Subuh prayer as I always do in the weekends. I prepare, my self, my man, and my boy. We went together to Suropati Park, I follow the instruction, I pull out my body, I stretch, my hands are shaking, my body is sweating, but I am happy! In the rest of practising, we lay down in the park, trees and leaves above us, and I feel calm and relieved.


pinus 3
Sorry for the shoes 😛
pinus 2
Still in Lembang, though. This place is the best. I’m still missing to go back there someday.

No need a staycation, no need a long vacation. I can rest my mind just 20 minutes far away from home, in the Sunday morning with a gloomy skies. It is enough, I feel content and hope it can recharge my strength for 2 weeks more!

After that, welcome holiday!

Can’t wait!

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