People change.

Do they?

I often think that no matter how people change their circle, their way to dress, their choices to hang out, as long as they don’t change what’s inside, they are still the same. Like, a beta person needs more than just changing their looks or surroundings to be an alpha.

Deep down, they are the same.

The way of thinking may become the most valuable changing of all, but the way you act, the way you react, your attitude, also decide whether you have changed or not.

Sometimes this thought only stays in my head. But then I remembered that it’s not the same between what’s sunnah and what’s mandatory. The mandatory is higher than sunnah, isn’t it? So the same thing happen to people as well, in my thought.

There are classes and their superiority among others.

There’s always a line.

Can people actually cross that line?

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